Gaston’s Tavern

One of my favorite spots for a quick snack is Gaston’s Tavern in new Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom.  The line can get long, but there are a few great options here that you can use a snack credit for if you are on the dining plan.  Although it is called a tavern, this spot is family friendly; you will not find any alcoholic beverages here.

Pictured is LeFou’s brew.  This is a frozen apple juice with some marshmallow flavoring, and on top there is a passion fruit foam to give it the look of a brew.  From the description, it sounds like an odd combination of flavors, but it is the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot day at Magic Kingdom.

My other favorite treat which I did not get a picture of are Gaston’s cinnamon rolls.  These are HUGE and the smell of the cinnamon rolls lures visitors to the door.

There are a few tables inside to enjoy your treats, but it is usually pretty crowded.  We like to grab our “brew” and sit out by the fountain for a break.  If you are in the area-pay attention to the ground.  I wish I had a good picture of it but in the concrete, there are markings of hoof prints and tracks from wheelbarrows, just as you might find in the dirt in Belle’s provincial town.  Disney’s attention to detail that surrounds you with the story never fails to amaze me.

Ready to enjoy a LeFou brew for yourself?  Contact me for a free, no obligation trip quote and I will be in touch to start planning your next magical vacation!


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