Garden Grill at Epcot

My FAVORITE character dining location in all of Walt Disney World is located at Epcot- Garden Grill.  Here are my top reasons for visiting this location:

  1. The location: Garden Grill is located in The Land pavilion at Epcot, right next to Soarin.  If you are able to land a pre park opening breakfast, you can head straight over to Soarin after breakfast with little to no line.
  2. The characters:  You will meet farmer Mickey and the gang as you dine here, it doesn’t get much cuter than Mickey Mouse in overalls.  Because of the layout of this restaurant, the characters roam around and will often times come by your table multiple times.  With most character dining, you are sometimes searching to make sure you see all of the characters during your meal.  Here, the characters take plenty of time with each table and are not being rushed from one to another.
  3. Family style dining:  There is an all you care to enjoy menu, however you don’t have to bother with standing in the buffet line while balancing plates for the little ones as you try to keep an eye out for the characters so that you don’t miss them coming by your table.  Instead, you can sit back and relax as the food and characters come to you.  This is a unique set up compared to other character dining on property.
  4. The food:  one under rated attraction at Epcot is Living with the Land, which you will partially view while dining at Garden Grill (see #5!).  Some of the ingredients used in the dishes at Garden Grill are grown right at Epcot!  I think this is what makes the giant salad at lunch taste so good…it’s grown with a little bit of pixie dust and magic.
  5. Rotating restaurant:  as you dine at Garden Grill, the restaurant slowly rotates.  I want to emphasize SLOWLY.  It really isn’t even noticeable.  In fact, on the last trip as we were sitting and eating, I said to my sister “isn’t it cool how this restaurant turns?” and her eyes got wide, she gripped the edge of the table and said WHAT?! as she looked around in a panic.  So you don’t have to worry about motion sickness or anything like that, but you can enjoy seeing some of the scenes from the Living with the Land ride.
  6. Bottomless Mickey waffles at breakfast: I don’t think i need to say anything more about this one!
  7. The noise level: something about character meals and kids screaming seems to go hand in hand.  However, at Garden Grill, you will be pleasantly surprised at the much more relaxed atmosphere.
  8. Only 1 credit on the dining plan: I typically recommend the Disney Dining Plan for clients who want to pay for their trip up front and make it feel as all inclusive as possible.  Dining at Garden Grill will only cost you 1 table service credit on the dining plan.

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