Pick-A-Pearl in Epcot

While visiting Walt Disney World, there is no shortage of souvenir options.  While at Epcot, you can find many options throughout World Showcase that you will not see in other areas on property.  The interactions with the cast members from countries from around the globe make this park unique, and at the Pick-A-Pearl counter in the Japan pavilion, you will leave with a smile on your face and something to remember your experience.Pick a pearl There is a flat rate for the pearl, and then you can pay an additional fee later if you would like to have it put into a setting.  Once you have paid, you will get a number which they will call out when it is your turn.

Once your number is called, you point out which oyster in the tank you want, and the cast member will take it out for you.  Insider tip: it seems like the ugliest, hairy ones usually contain the best pearls (and if you are super lucky, maybe even two!)

Pick a pearl2The ladies that work at this booth really make the experience fun, and you are sure to have a smile on your face.  There is a whole ceremony involved with opening the oyster.  First, they will teach you how to count to three in Japanese.  Then, as you count 3-2-1 (san, ni, ichi), they pop open the oyster.  Typically, you will see a crowd around the pearl counter watching as guests take turns with their oysters and the group counts along together and the crowd cheers for each pearl. The ladies are so sweet and make such a big deal out of each pearl, keeping the guests engaged in their experience.

Pick a pearl3

She will clean and measure the pearl, and finishes the ceremony with a drumroll.

Pick a pearl 4Once your pearl is ready, you can take it home with you, or have it put in a setting at the pearl counter (for an extra fee). We had ours turned into rings, and it is a fun memory to think back on each time I wear it.

Next time you visit World Showcase, make sure you stop in the Japan pavilion and visit the pearl counter.  Even if you don’t want to take one home for yourself, you can join in the crowd and learn some Japanese.  Unique experiences like this are what really create those magical memories.


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