Art of Animation Resort- Cars Rooms


Art of Animation is one of my favorite resorts on Walt Disney property.  While it is in the Value category, you will find both standard rooms and family suites at this resort.  The standard rooms are Little Mermaid themed, and the family suites have 3 themes: Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars.  Today I want to show you my photo tour of the Cars family suites.  One reason Cars is my favorite section is that it is a little bit quieter than Finding Nemo which is closest to the main building, but Cars is still not a far walk at all.   You also have a pool which is quieter than “The Big Blue” which is the Finding Nemo pool.  Art of Animation is a little bit different than other Value resorts with the way the buildings are set up.  Rather than your room opening directly to the outside, you enter the main door to the building and walk down the nice air conditioned hallway to your room.  I love the larger than life theming that keeps you in the magic even when you are not in the parks on your vacation. The rooms sleep up to 6, but even for smaller families who like the option of a kitchenette, two bathrooms and a little more space, I would definitely consider this resort for your next trip!

AOA-cars livingroom
The living room includes a pull out couch that is of course themed like the seat of an old car, with a TV that sits directly across from it.
AOA cars kitchenette
I love that these suites include a kitchenette.  Complete with mini fridge, coffee maker and microwave.  There are very few rooms on Disney property that do include a microwave, which is nice to have for quick breakfasts in the morning or popcorn for an evening snack.
The table in the main room can serve as a good spot for quick breakfast in the morning.  This turns in to a pull down murphy bed for additional sleeping space, complete with side tables.
AOA-cars bathroom
I love that the sink area connected to the living room is separate from the toilet and shower space, it makes it much easier for multiple people getting ready in the morning.
AOA-cars bathroom2
The main living area bathroom has a shower/tub combo.  Love that shower curtain!
AOA-cars master bed
The master bedroom is separated off from the main living area.  There is great storage directly across from the bed with tv and plenty of drawer space.
AOA-cars master bath
The master bathroom
AOA cars master shower
Master bathroom shower space.
AOA-cars pool
Cars pool, with cozy cone cabanas when you need a break from the sun.  There is also a laundry area near the pool.
AOA mater
You will find some familiar friends around the area which make for great photo ops.

AOA cars walkway

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