Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar in Disney Springs

coca cola bar1Since the change over from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, this area seems to never stop growing.  You have an endless amount of shopping, bars and restaurants to choose from. One of my favorite spots is the Coca-Cola Rooftop Bar.  This store is massive; you can browse through several floors of branded merchandise, get your picture taken with the Coca-Cola bear (yes this is included in Memory Maker if you have it!), or my favorite thing to do here-head to the top to enjoy the view and an ice-cold beverage.

I especially enjoy this spot in the evenings when the sun is not directly on you,  but even if it is warm, you can definitely find something to cool you down.  They have different tasting flights that are fun to share with friends or family, Coke floats, and both non-alcoholic and cocktails with alcohol for the grown ups. The view here is amazing, you can look out over Disney Springs and see the surrounding area.  There are tables and chairs to sit and relax as well as a glass ledge around the perimeter of the area to stand and enjoy the view as you look over the edge.

It seems like most Disney vacationers are usually in a hurry to go, go, go!  I like to find spots like this to take a break and relax. Next time you’re in Disney Springs, don’t miss this hidden gem!


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