Violet Lemonade Season

violet lemonade
Violet lemonade and the Flower and Garden Festival passport

Epcot has so many wonderful festivals through the year, and up next is the Flower and Garden Festival. This festival runs for 3 months this year; February 28- May 28, 2018. The outdoor kitchens around World Showcase add additional options to the normal offerings throughout the countries. You can pick up the passport at the Port of Entry store as well as many of the booths throughout the showcase. This will list the different food and drink available at each stop. There are also stickers to mark off which kitchens you have visited, and the passport makes for a fun souvenir. (and, the passport is free!)
One of the most iconic items available during the festival is the violet lemonade. It is a non-alcoholic beverage and has created quite a following. It is typically available at Pineapple Promenade.
Tasting around World Showcase is one of my favorite ways to use dining plan snack credits. Using the credits for these special festival offerings is a great use of a snack credit, as many items are in the $5-$7 range.
In addition to the extra food and drink stops, Flower and Garden is one of the prettiest times of year at Epcot. Beautiful flowers and topiaries are spread throughout the park. You can browse and look at the dozens of topiaries, and if you want to take a deeper dive, special tours are available; Gardens of the World, English Tea Gardens, and Behind the Seeds. You will also find various gardening demonstrations available.
At the end of your day, check out the Garden Rocks concert series. Guest bands are scheduled throughout the festival. Dining packages are also available at some Epcot restaurants on select nights, and you are given a voucher for special seating during the concert. However, it is not usually very difficult to get seating for these concerts so I might only recommend booking one of these packages for a weekend night when more locals would be visiting.
So this year, throw on your flowered ears, grab a violet lemonade and check out the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot!

What is your favorite food or drink at Flower and Garden? Have you tried the Violet Lemonade? What did you think?


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